General view of cottage

General view of cottage, road

Pohled jih III


Ground floor,bathroom

Living room, dining room

Dining room, living room

Ground floor, bedroom

First floor, bedroom A

First floor, bedroom B, pic. 1

First floor, bedroom B, pic. 2

Pergola, fireplace


Ground floor

First floor


Points of interest

Trips, excursions, entertainment

Entertainment, sports and cultural activities are hardly exhaustible in only one visit of Bohemian paradise. There is a lot of interesting routes for cyclists and hikers. One can even sit back and absorb forces in nearby pubs. Cultural center is Jičín, there is famous Saturday market. Not visit the fabulous robber Rumcajs in his cobbler shop is socially inappropriate.

! ! ! Middle Ages! ! ! For you and your kids to Dětenice, where you will have fun and then you will certainly stop in a medieval tavern in the slums, enter the real history of the renowned inn and everything is 16 km away. We recommend an unforgettable experience and rough manners in one … Some have come back …


The pearl of the castles is certainly Kost Ruins of Trosky about 7 km away. Wallenstein Castle Ruins in the rocks, the castle Valečov, Drábské světničky

Jičín chateau is in the heart of the town at the beautiful square about 5 km away from Železnice. Hrubý Rohozec at Turnov Chateau Sychrov near Turnov 30km, castle Hrubá Skála, castle Staré Hrady, Humprecht at Sobotka

Local entertainment

Certainly you should not miss the nearby rarity, inverted bells in Rovensko pod Troskami, we recommend. CAUTION: bells active only on Sundays at noon. Prachov rocks – a paradise for climbers and tourists about 5 km away. Natural swimming pool – Jinolice ponds around 5km, Robber Rumcajs cave Social and cultural center of the city Jicin,,, where is the famous Saturday market.

AFRICA on your own eyes in Dvůr Králové nad Labem. Make a lovely day trip to the most beautiful ZOO which is located 45 km away, info on, while on the way, stop at the castle Pecka (Kryštof Harant z Polžic and Bezdružic)

Do not know the meaning of the term genius loci? Extend your trip by a few kilometers, Hospital Kuks, gets you an unforgettable atmosphere. Middle Ages on your own eyes! After visiting the castle Staré and Dětenice certainly stop in a medieval tavern beneath the castle, enter the real history of the inn and be prepared for everything and

Another interesting places:

Exposure of  precious stones – Muzeum Nová Paka,, CHKO Český ráj, townSobotka, hill Kozákov, Muzeum of dolls and teddy bears, Happy Land

Many of you will take advantage of the bus transportation service in the Czech Paradise including bicycles.


Winter tip : Javorník nerby Liberec, cca 30min. by car:


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